Since much of the information below came from research conducted by medical professionals and was published in professional journals you may want to have a dictionary handy, I did.  It was worth it to understand the effects of silver ions on cell dedifferentiation, granulation tissue, and fibroblasts.  These clinical studies were conducted by researchers in the U.S. and around the world sponsored by governments, universities, and medical facilities.

We are not doctors.  We can not diagnose or treat illness, nor can we prescribe medications.  We are not allowed to make unequivocal statements concerning the efficacy of silver as an antimicrobial.  We do not infer that you should alter any current course of treatment and we recommend that you speak with your own health care provider before changing your medical regimen.  We also highly recommend that you conduct your own research concerning the various properties of silver.  Therefore, we are providing the following documents to assist you in building a knowledge base that will enable you to make informed decisions concerning your own welfare and that of your loved ones.

Research Documents